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  • Lord Baltimore is returned to power in Maryland and Josias Fendell is named its governor.
  • Quakers who arrive in Massachusetts Bay are treated horribly and banished which is supported by the New England federation. Later in the year, Connecticut and Massachusetts pass laws to allow for the banishment of Quakers.


  • Quakers who arrive in New Amsterdam are punished and then banished to Rhode Island by Governor Peter Stuyvesant.


  • Massachusetts colony passes laws that do not allow for religious freedom of Quakers including the holding of their meetings.


  • Restoration of the monarchy and King Charles II
  • The Navigation Act is passed requiring only English ships with a three-quarters English crew be allowed to be used for trade. Certain goods including sugar and tobacco could only be shipped to England or English colonies.
  • Connecticut organized by royal charter;
  • Virginia law makes slavery


  • Connecticut is given a royal charter.
  • The Massachusetts Bay Colony's charter was accepted by England as long as they extended the vote to all landowners and allows for freedom of worship for Anglicans.


  • The Carolina colony is created by King Charles II and has numerous proprietors.
  • Rhode Island is given a royal charter.
  • All imports to the American colonies are required to come from England on English vessels with the second Navigation Act.


  • The Hudson River valley Indians surrender part of their territory to the Dutch.
    The Duke of York is given a charter to control lands that include the Dutch area of New Netherland. By the end of the year a naval blockade by the English of the area causes Governor Peter Stuyvesant to surrender New Netherland to the English. New Amsterdam is renamed New York.
  • Maryland and later New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia pass laws that do not allow for the freeing of black slaves.


  • New Haven is annexed by Connecticut.
    The King's Commissioner's arrive in New England to oversee what is occurring in the colonies. They demand that colonies must comply by swearing allegiance to the King and allowing for the freedom of religion. Plymouth, Connecticut, and Rhode Island comply. Massachusetts does not comply and when representatives are called to London to answer to the King, they refuse to go.
  • The territory of Carolina is extended to include Florida.


  • Maryland prohibits the growing of tobacco for a year due to a glut of tobacco on the market.


  • Massachusetts annexes Maine.


  • The Fundamental Constitutions are issued in Carolina which provides for religious tolerance.
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